Team Meetings#

We occasionally have team meetings to discuss important topics in-person and to invite broader participation from others.

Meeting structure#

We use this HackMD for an agenda and relevant meeting information. If you’d like to discuss something at a meeting, add an entry in the HackMD before the meeting.

We generally go through agenda items as they’re written, though others are welcome to bring items to discuss during the meeting and discuss if we have time.

After the meeting, we post meeting notes in a public location so that others can read and discuss asynchronously.

Meeting dates and calendar#

We try to meet monthly, on the first Wednesday / Thursday of the month (depending on time zone) for 1 hour. Double-check in our forum if you intend on joining, as we don’t always have the meeting depending on our availability and capacity.

This calendar has dates for upcoming events in the Executable Books community. You can find the calendar URL here.

Meeting calendar

Meeting notes#

Below are notes from past meetings.