Shared accounts and services#

There are a few resources that the team shares to reduce redundancy, save time, and standardize our practices. This page has a few major pieces.

Design assets#

The Executable Books team uses this Figma board to store its logo and other visual design assets. Anybody can access these assets, though only core team members can edit them.

Google drive#

We have a shared Google Drive where we store some assets like presentations and documents. Access to this Google Drive is restricted to core team members.

Some useful things in the drive:

If there’s shared information that would benefit from being in this Drive, please add it and link it here.


We have a GitHub user that is dedicated to automation and scripting for the organization. Its name is @ebp-bot. It has maintain permissions over Executable Books repositories, and we use its Personal Access Token to allow API access to our Actions and ReadTheDocs jobs. This allows us to have programmatic access to EB resources without requiring a single team member to provide an access token.

Ask a Core Team member for access to the @ebp-bot account.

Social media#

See Social media accounts.