Communication channels#

There are a few channels for communication depending on what you’re trying to do. Here are some of the major pieces:

Discussion Forum#

We have a GitHub Discussions Forum for all of our GitHub repositories (rather than using one forum per repository). Our forum has general conversation about how to use our tools, free-form questions, ideas, discussions, etc. Generally it is not a place for “project planning” and coordination (those are in GitHub Issues) This is open to anybody, and is a space where people can ask questions and help one another. Please feel free to provide support, advice, etc to anybody on this forum.

GitHub Issues#

For conversations around specific actions, tasks, features, etc, we use GitHub issues in each repository. Use these issues as a general place to understand what work is on our radar, and feel free to comment and add 👍 reactions to voice your support for certain changes.

Team Slack#

Our team communicates via a Slack channel at If you’d like access, please reach out to a core team member to discuss!


We have an e-mail address at All core team members should have access to this email, though it is not currently actively monitored by the team.

Team Meetings#

We also conduct (roughly) monthly team meetings via video chat. Anybody is welcome to join these meetings! For more information, see Team Meetings.