Executable Books Team Compass#

This documentation serves as the Source of Truth (SoT) for the Executable Books community policy and strategy, and defines its organizational structure and governance. It also aims to provide resources that facilitate contribution and coordination among team members.

Work in progress!

This site is a work in progress, as the project begins to formally define its structure and governance. Some information may be duplicated or contradictory with information at executablebooks.org - if it is, treat the information here as the source of truth. See this GitHub issue to track our progress on this migration

Goals of the Team Compass#

The Team Compass should make our organizational policy, structure, and team practices explicit. It also delegates authority to other groups, processes, and locations. See the sections below for more information.[1]

The Team Compass is always evolving as our community learns and changes. To propose a change to the Team Compass, see Team Policy.


All documentation in our Team Compass and MyST Enhancement Proposal repository are licensed under the CC0-1.0-Universal license.